What to bring:

  • A valid photo ID is required for Student, Senior and Military discounted tickets.
  • A valid government-issued ID is required for all evening admissions that are 21+.
  • We suggest bringing a cardigan/sweater/jacket as the temperature may vary within the art space.

What NOT to bring:

We request that you do NOT bring any drinks, food or illegal substances. Please dispose of any prior to arriving for your visit.

Do I need a ticket to attend? 

Everyone must have a ticket to visit ARTECHOUSE. This applies to all ages. The only exception is for infants who will be kept in body carriers for the duration of the visit. We suggest purchasing your tickets online in advance to guarantee entry at your desired date and time.

Why is there an admission fee when DC has so many free museums?

ARTECHOUSE is thrilled to be located in a city full of amazing museums. Many are financially supported by the government and taxpayers, which allow them to offer free admission. We are also proud to be part of a community of independent art spaces that do not rely on government funding. ARTECHOUSE is an independent, privately funded art space and your purchase of a ticket supports our programming and exhibits, as well as allows us to consistently offer high-quality experiences.

Tickets for the day and time that I want are sold out online. Is there anything I can do?

ARTECHOUSE reserves a limited number of tickets for walk-ins. These are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Availability of at the door tickets cannot be guaranteed, especially during our busier time and on weekends. We therefore recommend that anyone coming in for walk-in tickets remain flexible with their plans for that day.

Why is there timed entry? Can I arrive at any point during my time slot?

Timed entry allows us to keep track of how many people are on the exhibit floor at any given time. In order to create the best experience possible for our visitors, we limit the amount of people that view the installation at any given time.

We ask that you arrive by the beginning of your chosen time slot, if not 10 minutes before. This is the start of your session, and going down with your group ensures that you will be brought down to the installation as quickly as possible and have the full amount of time intended to explore the space. If you happen to be running late, our staff will make their best to accommodate you with the next group.

I can’t find a phone number for ARTECHOUSE. Do you offer customer service over the phone?

For the time being, ARTECHOUSE does not offer customer service over the phone. We do check our emails frequently, though, so please do not hesitate to send any questions, comments or concerns to us that way. Our Box Office staff can be reached via tickets(at)artechouse(d0t)com

Is there somewhere to store my bags, luggage and/or stroller?

We request that you do not bring any large items for your visit. Suitcases, luggage, large backpacks, and bags larger than 16” are not permitted on the exhibit floor and cannot be checked in anywhere. Strollers are not permitted on the main exhibit floor, but they can be left in our lobby area or coat room. Please note that our lobby area and coat room are unattended and are provided as a courtesy during your visit. ARTECHOUSE does not take any responsibility for any lost, missing, stolen or damaged items.

Can I take pictures and videos?

In general, non-commercial photography and videography WITHOUT FLASH is welcomed.

No tripods, selfie-sticks, or other obstructive equipment may be used. Please note that there may be specific exhibits where photography is not permitted; we will inform visitors if this is the case.

Visitors to ARTECHOUSE are permitted to take photographs and shoot videos for personal use only, except when ARTECHOUSE personnel deem photography disruptive. Photographs, film or videotape may not be taken of individuals without their express permission or, in the case of minors, without the express written permission of parents or legal guardians.

Commercial photography at ARTECHOUSE is prohibited. Personal photographs and videos are not to be used for commercial purposes. Professional photographers must arrange prior approval for all editorial photography, filming, or videotaping at ARTECHOUSE.

Notice: Visitors may be filmed, photographed, or recorded by ARTECHOUSE for educational and promotional uses, including for posting on ARTECHOUSE’s and other public websites.

ARTECHOUSE reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography and/or to change its Photo Policy without advance notice.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we are happy to assist with group bookings for both daytime and evening admissions. Please contact our team at tickets(at)artechouse(dot)com if you’re inquiring about a booking for a group of 10 or more.

I am not a student, member of the military, child or senior, but I am attending with someone who is. Can I buy one of your discounted tickets if a member of my party qualifies?

Discounted tickets apply only to those individuals who can prove their eligibility. Anyone attending with a discounted ticket who cannot prove their eligibility with a student ID, military ID or government ID displaying birth date for seniors will be asked to pay the difference between the discounted ticket and a regular admission ticket at time of check-in. Senior discount applies to adults 65 years or older.

Can I use my phone?

Feel free to text, take photos, and post about your visit to social media, but please keep your phone on silent or vibrate and make calls outside as a courtesy to other visitors.

Do you have WiFi?

Our systems are connected through internal WiFi networks; however, there is no internet powered WiFi for public use.

Does your focus on art and technology mean that all of your exhibits will be interactive?

Not necessarily. Technology is a broad term that can take many forms and be taken in different directions by different artists. ARTECHOUSE is open to defining the word in creative and possibly even unexpected ways. For example, installations may be interactive, immersive or they may use technology simply to support, enhance, produce and modernize works of art.

You say that the current exhibit is for all ages. Does that mean my young child can explore on their own?

ARTECHOUSE is dedicated to creating interesting, unique experiences for adults and children alike, and we love when young kids enjoy their experience! However, we kindly ask that adults please keep children physically with them at all times to ensure the safety of the installations, the children themselves and our other visitors.

Necessary steps vary for each child – some may need to have their hand held while going through the installation, while others may be fine with the occasional verbal reminder of the rules. This is obviously up to you as a parent or guardian, but we do ask adults to remain vigilant and mindful of their children’s whereabouts and behavior.

Why are your evening sessions 21+?

During our evening sessions, we are happy to offer our guests a bar where they can purchase and enjoy a drink. The 21+ age restriction is meant to make sure that our visitors and bar staff comply with the legal drinking age. We kindly request that you do not buy an evening ticket for anyone under 21, as we cannot make exceptions to this rule. The drinks served here are designed to compliment the installation on display, so we encourage everyone to check back and see how they change!


I purchased tickets online, do I need to print my tickets ahead of time?

No printing required! If you can pull up the confirmation email on a smart device, our staff will be able to seamlessly check you in. No smart device? No problem!  When you purchase tickets online, you automatically create an identity in our ticketing system. If you provide one of our associates at admissions with your name or order number, we can look you up in our system and take care of the rest. Please bring a valid government-issued ID that matches the name of the ticket purchaser for verification at check-in.

 I love ARTECHOUSE! Is there any way for me to get involved?

Yes! We are always searching for fun, enthusiastic people interested in art, technology, and customer service to help advance our mission! If you are looking for job opportunities, please see the information under the “About” tab. We also accept volunteers who help us with visitor engagement. If you are interested in volunteering, please email volunteers(at)artechouse(dot)com with your contact information and availability.

Have additional questions?

Please email our staff at tickets(at)artechouse(dot)com or fill out the contact us form and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer customer support via phone, but we do check our emails frequently.  Please note our weekends tend to be pretty busy, so make sure to allow enough time for a response.

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